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Benefit Dinner & Jazz Performance • 6:30 pm

Audra Mariel is ready to start the season of the Music at the Mansion series in a tasty way. Join Audra, Arturo, Laura and Rich who will bring us the music. Julie Gallagher will be serving a 4-course gluten free chicken dinner. Complimentary wine will be served provided by xxx. xxx will be on hand to tell you about the wines served. 

$60. Space is limited. Please make your reservations in advance in the SHOP section on this website. 

Laura Wootton is a writer, yoga instructor, and part-time vocalist.  Returning to music after a long hiatus, Laura’s goal is to learn and grow as a performer while sharing the joy of music with those around her.

Dr. Rich Gradone has performed at Carnegie Hall, colleges and universities, and cities throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as for presidents and dignitaries.  Dr. Gradone is currently a college music professor, generously sharing what he knows, while continuing to hone his own craft in sonic art.

Arturo is the guitarist and arranger.  A subtle, understated style reflects his musical credo, primum non nocere (first, do no harm).