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Fall and Winter Gardening Workshop

Take a break from the spookiness of October and join us for a FREE gardening workshop on Saturday, October 19 at 1 PM taught by Leann Lavin, award-winning horticulturist and author. This program is titled "Tucking Your Garden Beds into Their Slumberous State" and will include hands-on instruction on how to: 1) Maintain a beautiful and ecologically-based garden throughout the autumn and winter, through watering, weeding and composting - and better prepare for the spring season, 2) Decide what to prune back or remove from ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs - along with edibles, and annuals 3) Help the pollinators during the winter season 4) Learn what will bloom until frost 5) Discover the beauty of the winter garden: exfoliating bark and architectural tree trunks, evergreens, winter blossoms. 6) Determine where in the yard to “Leave the leaves…”. While this program is free, we do ask people to register by emailing We look forward to seeing you at this informational event!