Welcome to the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society at the Strauss Mansion Museum. We are located at 27 Prospect Circle in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. 

The Strauss Mansion in Atlantic Highlands, NJ is open on weekends from noon–5:00pm.
Below are some upcoming events. Please check our Events page for an extended calendar. 



Adolph and Jeanette Strauss built the Strauss Mansion 125 years ago. 
We are working on an exciting year of events which will celebrate the history of Atlantic Highlands with themes specific to the era of the home and of our area. Stay tuned! Below are some images showing what the house looked like in the earlier days and when the Board of the Museum took on the project to save the mansion. 

 A picture from @1930. Can you see the difference compared to today?

A picture from @1930. Can you see the difference compared to today?

 The Mansion looks a bit rough today, but we have come a long way!

The Mansion looks a bit rough today, but we have come a long way!

1st Annual Event Organized by the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of this Schooner & the 125th Anniversary of the Strauss Mansion

Schooner A.J. Meerwald

New Jersey's Tall Ship, an oyster schooner, celebrating it's 90th Anniversary will be in town for a series of events. 

Due to overwhelming demand we have added 2 sails on Friday, June 22. 


This event is made possible with support from Steven Griffing, Navesink Fishery and Kunya Siam.


American Women and Royal Marriages by Melissa Ziobro

Wednesday 20 June
at the Strauss Mansion Museum
7:30 pm • free

Royal wedding fever is in the air as Great Britain’s Prince Harry wed American actress Meghan Markle on May 19- but did you know that marriages between Americans and European nobles once happened by the hundreds? During the Gilded Age, wealthy American heiresses married impoverished European nobles by the score. The marriages secured social status for “new money” American families often slighted by the established elites in their own country; while the infusion of American dollars allowed the impoverished nobility across the Atlantic to continue to maintain the lifestyles to which their families had been accustomed for generations. There were literally hundreds of these marriages, some more famous than others- including several featuring brides with roots in NJ. Join us as we discuss the so-called “dollar princesses” of the Gilded Age, to include Lady Monson (nee Romaine Stone, daughter of General Roy Stone of Morristown NJ), Lady Roberts (nee Elizabeth Marie LaRoche, daughter of William Tell LaRoche of Harrington Park, NJ), and Princess Miguel of Braganza (nee Anita Stewart, born in Elberon, NJ), and more. 

Melissa Ziobro is currently the Specialist Professor of Public History at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ, teaching courses to include Introduction to Public History, Oral History, and Museums and Archives Management. Her service to the University includes administration of the Monmouth Memories Oral History Program and her Department’s social media and newsletter.